I’m not sure how you start your first post on your new blog. A literary quotation? A description of myself?  The chances are if you’re reading this then you already know who I am. I’m not sure how you start a blog.

I do know why I want to start a blog.

About two years ago I decided that the career path that the degree I was studying expected me to take wasn’t necessarily the one I wanted to travel down. It took me a whole year and a half more to make moves on what it actually was I’d like to do instead. I thought I could maybe make it as a writer, of some kind. I’m not saying I’m going to write a book (maybe just a collection of short stories) but I do want to write…something. So I guess, in a way, I’m forging a selection of work for the future so that I can be judged by some high end editor/publisher. God, how utterly terrifying and incredibly boring.

No, I’m writing this blog because I want to talk about and share the things that interest me, and because (I’m told) I have a way with words when talking about those things, things I consider my passions in life. So if you like me, and even if you don’t, if you come on here you’ll be able to see my writings on music, film, art, literature, culture, politics, religion, work, love, life and just about anything I consider to be worth musing about. Oh and also so the shit that doesn’t get published on the music website I write for has a home.

It’s not important that you like the things I like, or that you agree with me (in fact, I encourage great amounts of disagreement, debate, arguing, relationship destruction etc.) only that you like the way I write and speak about them, that’s all. Oh and I’m not going to do a Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network and create a system for ranking girls in terms of hotness. I’m not computer literate enough.
So read on and, if you like, drop in again soon.

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