Hillhead residents rally to clean up street

A group of Hillhead home owners is gathering to combat disruptions caused by building works on the old BBC Scotland site.

North Park Terrace Residents Association, which had previously lapsed due to inactivity, has been spurred into action by the flat development by David Wilson Homes (DWH) across the road.

The street has been left untidy, neglected and dark by the construction work and temporary offices and scaffolding put up by the property development company.

Patrick McGurn, secretary of the residents’ association, said: “The street is a state, with overgrown bushes swamping the footpaths and overhanging branches obscuring street lamps.

“It used to be a quiet, nice street, but now it’s a bit of a no man’s land.”

Mr McGurn described the street as becoming “shadowy and unwelcoming”.

Residents have found discarded beer cans and broken bottles.

North Park Terrace has borne the brunt of problems caused by the construction since the site was opened to redevelopers last year.

DWH has accepted responsibility for the inconvenience and has offered improvement funds as a goodwill gesture.

The company has promised to double any funds raised by North Park Terrace and residents of the neighbouring associations of Ruskin Terrace and Buckingham Street.

Tony Hughes, who acts as a weekly liaison between DWH and North Park Terrace, says the compensation being offered could reach as much as £2000. He said: “The residents’ association’s relationship with DWH is generally good and certainly better than might have been expected.

“DWH have agreed to resurface the street and contribute to landscaping and tree maintenance work on the communal front gardens.”

All maintenance work funded by the amount raised will be carried out by the Coach House Trust, an organisation that works with vulnerable people who have experienced exclusion from mainstream society.

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