Start To End – Loveless, My Bloody Valentine (The Hug and Pint, April 18)

Start To End is an ambitious attempt to recreate cult classic records for a live crowd by a group of talented young Scottish musicians.

At Glasgow’s The Hug and Pint on Tuesday, the American Clay trio of Martin Johnstone, Ross Stewart and Chris McKeown were joined on stage by Pronto Mama’s Craig McMahon, Admiral Fallow’s Joe Rattray and ST.MARTiiNS vocalist Katie Lynch, as they ran through the latest instalment in the monthly series – My Bloody Valentine’s shoegaze masterpiece, Loveless.

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Packed into the West End establishment’s small basement venue, that album’s wall of noise, the creation of which Kevin Shields infamously fussed over, was faithfully replicated from behind a screen of trippy visuals and rapturously received by the crowd. Despite having much to live up to, they did it justice.

Below: see how the night played out

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